What’s with the birds and landscape and stuff?

All photos appearing at Gender & Computing have been taken by me, unless another photographer is named.
I am an eager hobby photographer, and my husband is eager with the bird feeder just outside my home office window. This winter has been particularly cold, and we have had visits from a lot of birds that have trouble finding food elsewhere. Some of the guests are quite rare to see, like the sparrow hauk, haw finch, and the spotted woodpecker, but we also have large groups of less rare birds, like the bullfinch. Other landscape pictures appearing at this site are mainly from outside our home at Hafslo or from the mountain area at Tyin, where we have a flat and a great place to hide away to write.

On G & C the pictures are just to remind that there’s a world outside the office walls, however if you want to see more of my pictures you can visit gandrudbakken dot no.

A new start

Welcome to this new-born Gender & Computing site!

If you ever visited my blog before you might notice that this looks very different, and you won’t be able to find any of the old posts. In fact, nearly 12 years of blogging and more than 1000 posts at Gender and Computing have been discarded, never to reappear. But, like most endings, also this holds a promise of a new start. So here’s G & C in new design, although I have kept the name and the URL of the old blog. And I will still write about my research in gender and technology, about conferences and travels and colleagues. And about the expedition to Mongolia!