The NORDWIT final conference!

Nordwit five years ago!

Nearly five years since we started the work in NORDWIT, the Nordic Centre of Excellence on women in tech-driven careers. Now five years later, we have a lot of new research and findings, some of which will be presented in the final conference:

Welcome to the Nordwit final conference, 10–11 February 2022
Challenging the Nordic Gender Paradox: Gender in the Nordic Research and Innovation Area

The program is very exciting, with Nordwit researchers, the scientific advisory group, Nordforsk, and presentations by the ‘sister’ NCoE NORDICORE.

It seems like the Covid situation will make the whole thing go online.

See the program and register here to participate:

Programmed Inequality

New book from Marie Hicks
Programmed Inequality : How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge in Computing

Women used to be present in computer work in higher percentages than they are today. Ever wonder what happened? Turns out that the story of gender and the progress of computing are a lot more tightly linked than we once thought…

In Programmed Inequality, Marie Hicks explores the story of labor feminization and gendered technocracy that undercut British efforts to computerize. That failure sprang from the government’s systematic neglect of its largest trained technical workforce–simply because they were women. Women were a hidden engine of growth in high technology from World War II to the 1960s. As computing experienced a gender flip, becoming male-identified in the 1960s and 1970s, labor problems grew into structural ones and gender discrimination caused the nation’s largest computer user—the civil service and sprawling public sector—to make decisions that were disastrous for the British computer industry and the nation as a whole.

Looking forward to the book will be published in January 2017!

We will be a Nordic Centre of Excellence!

The best news this last week is that we – that is me and colleagues at Western Norway Research Institute, will be part of one of two new Nordic Centres of Excellence!

Our NCoE has this long title:

Beyond the Gender Paradox: Women’s Careers in Technology-driven Research and Innovation in and outside of Academe

Professor Gabriele Griffin from Uppsala University is project leader, Tampere University is a partner, led by Hanna Ylostalo, and I will lead Western Norway Research Institute’s work. Our NCoE will be financed with 20 mill NOK by Nordforsk over the next five years.

The other NCoE will be “Nordic Centre for Research on Gender Equality in Research and Innovation” (NORDICORE), with project leader Professor Mari Teigen, University of Oslo.

Congratulations to both NCoEs!

They will be announced at Gender Summit (GS9) in Brussel next month.

Risky Research and Protecting Yourself from Online Harassment

Best Practices for Conducting Risky Research and Protecting Yourself from Online Harassment

 Researchers who investigate sensitive topics may face online harassment, social shaming, or other networked forms of abuse. In addition to potential impacts on the researcher’s reputation and mental health, fear of harassment may have a chilling effect on the type of research that is conducted and …

By Alice E. Marwick, Lindsay Blackwell and Katherine Lo
Source: Best Practices for Conducting Risky Research and Protecting Yourself from Online Harassment || Data & Society

Vestlandsforsking / Western Norway Research Institute

VestlandsforskingWe made it safely to Ulaanbaatar and back. A fantastic trip – read about it here. I got my interviews there; A big thank you to the women I met there who helped and participated in interviews!

Not really related to the long drive to Mongolia, but when we came back I decided to try something new, and instead of driving 250 km to work I now have only 13-14 km to drive, to Western Norway Research Institute. At WNRI I am working with research, still related to technology/ICT, but now also with eHealth, Welfare Technology and reforms in the Norwegian Health Care System. Together with colleagues I am also involved in developing a research project aiming at INSO-6-2014: Platform for ICT for Learning and Inclusion under Horizon 2020. A new experience with new and exciting projects going on, so stay tuned for ECCO, ICE and perhaps FUN CODE.

Vestlandsforsking /NWRI

Invitation to women working with/studying computers in Ulaanbaatar

Looking for informants in Ulaanbaatar

 I am looking for women in Ulaanbaatar with a close relationship with computer technology (like students, lecturers or workers in computer science or a related field of computer technology) who would be willing to participate in an interview.

My name is Hilde G. Corneliussen and I am a researcher in Digital Culture at University of Bergen in Norway. I have been doing research on men and women’s relationships with computer technology for many years, and I am now looking for women in Ulaanbaatar who could participate in interviews in an international study called “Technicity – Exploring women’s relationship with computer technology”.

The interview will take place in Ulaanbaatar in second half of July 2013.

The interview will take about one hour. It is not a prerequisite, but a great advantage if we can do the interview in English.

Please send me an email or contact me on Facebook if you have questions or if you are interested in participating, and I’ll provide more information about the project.


 Hope to see you in Ulaanbaatar!
Hilde G. Corneliussen

What’s with the birds and landscape and stuff?

All photos appearing at Gender & Computing have been taken by me, unless another photographer is named.
I am an eager hobby photographer, and my husband is eager with the bird feeder just outside my home office window. This winter has been particularly cold, and we have had visits from a lot of birds that have trouble finding food elsewhere. Some of the guests are quite rare to see, like the sparrow hauk, haw finch, and the spotted woodpecker, but we also have large groups of less rare birds, like the bullfinch. Other landscape pictures appearing at this site are mainly from outside our home at Hafslo or from the mountain area at Tyin, where we have a flat and a great place to hide away to write.

On G & C the pictures are just to remind that there’s a world outside the office walls, however if you want to see more of my pictures you can visit gandrudbakken dot no.

A new start

Welcome to this new-born Gender & Computing site!

If you ever visited my blog before you might notice that this looks very different, and you won’t be able to find any of the old posts. In fact, nearly 12 years of blogging and more than 1000 posts at Gender and Computing have been discarded, never to reappear. But, like most endings, also this holds a promise of a new start. So here’s G & C in new design, although I have kept the name and the URL of the old blog. And I will still write about my research in gender and technology, about conferences and travels and colleagues. And about the expedition to Mongolia!